9 Sep -- 29 Sep
5 Aug -- 29 Sep
2 Sep -- 25 Sep
19 Sep -- 12 Dec
25 Sep -- 30 Oct
2 Oct -- 29 Oct
Tue 9 Sep -- Mon 29 Sep, 2014

This stunning exhibition has received national acclaim, both in the press and on television. Photographer  Edo Zollo set out to capture the beauty of older women -- and has succeeded brilliantly, as this exhibition shows.

These exciting Saturday mornings for 5- to 11-year olds cover different mediums and creative outcomes using well known artists and art history as an inspiration. No need to book; just drop in. Parents/guardians MUSTsign registration form before leaving children.

Tue 5 Aug -- Mon 29 Sep, 2014

An exploration of the textured world using photography.

Tue 2 Sep -- Thu 25 Sep, 2014

The annual exhibition from one of the first art clubs to be founded in Hertfordshire.

Friday, 19 September 2014

A tale of high melodrama featuring the story of the ill-fated Nancy and her brutal end at the hands of Bill Sikes in Dickens's masterpiece Oliver Twist.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Visiting artist Sarah Stoker, whose work fills our Café Gallery through October, hosts this special morning workshop on ceramic painting.